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"Alive Show" is above all a work that considers art and artists as "alive". The show is a fantasy depicting a futuristic, extreme world in which the drive for survival has turned us into hybrid mechanical creatures who move between strong emotions and detachment.

Bosmat Nossan (1984) is a choreographer and dancer. Her work originates from an attraction to the unnatural, the exaggerated and the stylized, she is inspired by science fiction, comics, and surrealist art. A former dancer of the Bat Sheva dance company and the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak dance company. Currently she is the director of teacher training at Gaga, and a lecturer in the School of Visual Theatre and Kibbutzim College. Bosmat presented her work in 'Curtain Up', 'International Exposure', 'Diver festival', and in various venues and festivals in abroad.

Photo: David Kaplan

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