Performance and Program Support

Suzanne Dellal Centre produces, presents, and hosts hundreds of performances and programs each year. Be a part of the Suzanne Dellal Centre by supporting one of our many artistic and community-based initiatives.
For more information, contact Claudio Kogon, Deputy Director.
Programs include:
International Performances
Suzanne Dellal Centre brings dozens of International dance companies to Israel each year. The Centre’s stage has been home to the biggest and most eclectic dance figures in the world including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Maguy Marin, Merce Cunningham, Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet, Jin Xing Dance Company, Rafael Amargo, Aída Gómez, and many others. Each year the Centre curates cross-cultural festivals showcasing the best flamenco from Spain, tango from Argentina, martial arts and folk dance companies from China, Bollywood from India, and so much more. You can be a part of these exciting projects by sponsoring a company!

Dance for Everyone
Bringing Israel’s periphery to experience dance at the Suzanne Dellal Centre
Dance is a bridge to intercultural dialogue. As a wordless art, dance offers new opportunities for interpersonal communication and problem solving. Dance investigates the human condition regardless of status and offers a transference of values, thereby strengthening community and offering cohesion at the personal, local, and national level. Watching dance exposes audiences to a different kind of creative thinking and engagement, allowing them to observe and form new perspectives. Viewing dance stimulates the brain at an analytical and creative level and inspires curiosity and discussion.

Suzanne Dellal Centre has played a decisive role in the momentum of Israeli dance over the last three decades. In reflecting upon the demographics of the audiences for dance, the Centre sees that many populations in the geographic and socio-economic periphery of Israel are not exposed to dance and its endless possibilities for discovery. Economic priorities, the fact that international dance companies do not frequently appear outside Israel’s center, a lack of awareness of dance history and repertoire, and the physical distance from city centers has resulted in many communities having little to no exposure to dance and the arts on a professional level.
Through Dance for Everyone, the Centre aims to bring diverse populations from Israel’s periphery to view dance on a professional stage. The aim is to enrich the cultural awareness of those in the periphery by making dance more accessible to a larger number of people, specifically those who would normally not have the means to consume this type of culture. In doing so, the Centre seeks to expand the national cultural discourse and bring a foundational art form to those who may have no exposure to it.
The program invites participants, groups from selected towns and community centers, to attend performances three times a year at the Suzanne Dellal Centre free of charge. The participants are provided with transportation, performances tickets, refreshments, and, in some cases, a post-performance meeting with the choreographers. It is also possible to hold dance workshops for participants before they arrive at the Suzanne Dellal Centre.

Artist in Residence
A fully-supported long-term residency for Israeli choreographers

The Suzanne Dellal Centre Artist in Residence Program provides established Israeli dance artists with the opportunity to work and create for an entire year in the Centre’s new, state-of-the-art Zehava and Jack Dellal Studio. The first of its kind in Israel, the SDC Residency program offers artists concentrated time and production resources to work fully-supported in their home country. Selected artists are granted a year’s worth of space and access to the Centre’s staff and resources. Artists are asked to share an aspect of the process two times during the residency period and offer one community-engagement activity. Artists are given the option to premiere the work in the Centre’s theaters at the end of the residency.

The Suzanne Dellal Centre Artist in Residence Program provides selected choreographers with the following benefits:
  • A stipend of $10,000
  • A year’s worth of rehearsal space, duration and frequency to be determined with each artist
  • Salaries for up to five dancers for the residency period
  • Production budget of $10,000
  • Access to Suzanne Dellal administrative and technical staff to provide guidance and artistic development
  • Development of a Hebrew/English production/PR dossier

New Beginnings
Dance as Rehabilitation in the Neve Tirza Women’s Prison

Much research has shown the far-reaching positive impact of the performing arts in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders. When practiced in the criminal justice system, the arts contribute to improved well-being, renewed interest in learning, and the development of new interests and skills, as well as employment opportunities. The arts give participants positive tools for re-entry into society and engaging with their communities and culture.

Dance specifically aids in teaching teamwork and problem-solving and serves as a bridge to intercultural dialogue. It investigates the human condition regardless of status and offers a transference of values, thereby strengthening community and offering cohesion at the personal, local, and national level. Organizations facilitating dance programs in prisons around the world report improved relationships between inmates and their families, improved self-confidence and mental health, lowered rates of recidivism, and many other positive impacts.

Neve Tirza Prison, established in 1968, is the only women's prison in Israel. It holds up to 226 offenders. The inmates range in age and socio-economic background and serve sentences for varied crimes. Suzanne Dellal Center, in partnership with the prison, is implementing New Beginnings, a program to incorporate dance into the rehabilitation process. Inmates nearing their date of release will be invited to participate in a program which includes learning about dance, participating in workshops, and attending performances at the Suzanne Dellal Centre. The aim is to contribute to the inmates’ preparatory process for release and give them new social and creative tools to draw upon.

Choreographers in the Schools
Teaching dance as community engagement for the next generation
Choreographers in the Schools is a new dance education and community outreach initiative of the Suzanne Dellal Centre, whose goal is to teach dance as community engagement to high school students, encourage the next generation to use arts as a tool for development and inspire a desire for community involvement. Professional choreographers will teach composition workshops and create new dance works with students throughout the country. The program will culminate in a sharing of the student works at Suzanne Dellal.
Choreographers in the Schools focuses on high school students who are not engaged in any practice of dance. Research shows that the practice of arts can dramatically improve students’ performance in school and serve as a tool in teaching any curriculum. This program aims to place Israel’s best choreographic minds within the non-arts educational system to add value to the lives of students and grow informed future audiences.

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