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We are happy to introduce you to Behind the Curtain of Suzanne Dellal Centre:

A series of chain interviews in which dance artists interview each other.

For over two months, the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre in Tel Aviv has had to cancel all activities. Like the rest of the world, artists, choreographers, dancers, cultural workers, and audiences sit at home. In March and April alone, 18 dance artists were supposed to present their works at the Centre. The Centre has invited all of the choreographers of postponed performances to connect and talk about their work in a series of chain interviews. The program, moderated by artistic director Naomi Perlov, enables the artists to share the depth of their creative world, even in these uncertain days. Until we can enjoy live performance together, we wish you health and happy days.


The first episode features dance artist Lotem Regev interviewing Tamir Ginz, artistic director and choreographer of Kamea Dance Company.



Episode 2: Tamir Ginz interviews Egor Menshikov

Episode 3: Egor Menshikov interviews Mijal Natan

Episode 4: Mijal Natan interviews Renana Raz


Episode 5: Renana Raz interviews Avshalom Pollak


Episode 6: Avshalom Pollak interviews Stav Bar Nahum


Episode 7: Stav nachum-Frank with Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor


Episode 8: Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor with Dorin Cohen Nissan


Episode 9: Gili Navot, Artistic Director- Batsheva Dance Company;

Alma Karvat Shemesh, dancer, Batsheva’s Young Ensemble.



Episode 10: Dorin Cohen Nissan with Amir Kolban


Episode 11: Amir Kolban with Nadine Bommer


Episode 12: Nadine Boomer with Rina Schenfeld


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