About the show

Original production of Suzanne Dellal Centre
Living Room
Inbal Pinto

Living Room is Inbal Pinto's newest work and an original production of Suzanne Dellal Centre.

The identity of objects, situations and people become fluid and the unpredictable reality we have tried to write is rewrites itself.

Living Room features long-time collaborator dancer Moran Miller and dancer/choreographer Itamar Seroussi who returns to the stage after being based in Europe. The new creation features original music by cellist and singer Maya Belsitzman who worked with Pinto on the acclaimed production Fugue.


Choreography, Costume, Set Design, and wall drawing: Inbal Pinto
Dancers: Moran Muller, Itamar Serussi
Original Music: Maya Belsizman
Additional music:

Umitaro Abe / Havanera De La Montagne (Piano Solo)
Franz Schubert / Trio op. 100 - Andante con moto
Mister Bean / The Really Useful Guide to Alcohol - Rowan Atkinson
Bistro Fada - Composed by Stephane Wrembel and arranged by Maya Belsitzman
Lighting Design: Tamar Orr
Animation: Daniella Bokor
Special Accessories: Nir Zeiri
Costumes Assistant: Rinat Aharonson
Set Production Management: Yonatan Kanner
Rehearsal Manager: Dina Ziv
Photographer: Michal Chelbin
Technical Director: Hagay Shlomov
Producer: Roy Bedarshi

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