Picture of Event: Shishi Be Ora • Dror Liberman • Neither soft nor light

Shishi Be Ora • Dror Liberman • Neither soft nor light

Studio Ora
Friday, September 6 2024 at 14:00
Event duration: 45 minutes
Price 45 - 75 ILS

About the show

"'Neither Soft nor Light" is an exposing performance through the stations of the artist's life reflected in the creative process: a son of a family with many children, a yeshiva student in southern Mount Hebron, a combat soldier, and finally a dancer. In "Neither Soft nor Light" Liberman continues the line characterizing his solo works - from the biographical to the mythological and back.


Through Lieberman's transformation through a variety of identities he wears on himself like changing costumes, and using diverse verbal and visual means of expression, the show creates a charged dialogue about the process of constructing the subject's identity as a performative act.


"The dance I create stems from my biography," says Lieberman. "As someone who grew up in religious education and chose a different path, as someone who served as a combat soldier and now believes there is another way, or maybe just as the son of a family of eleven children, I choose again and again the position of opposition, I am drawn to the winding paths, to the unpaved roads. I turn to dance, among other things, with a request to heal through it, to shake off old pains, to mobilize my being into a renewed context, to realize freedom and increase trust."


The work was first presented in 2015.


Dror Lieberman, born in Be'er Sheva in 1988, is the co-founder of "TakeDown Productions" with Kazuyo Shioniri, his life and creative partner.


Dror is a multidisciplinary performance artist, graduate of the Haifa Dance Training Workshop, "KELIM" - a body for choreographic work, winner of the Minister of Culture Award, and a member of the  CLIPA Theater since 2013.


Shioniri and Lieberman have been creating together since 2015, their work has been praised by critics and supported by many entities, including the Rabinowitz Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Council for Culture and Art, the Tel Aviv Municipality, and more. Their work has been presented within leading frameworks in Israel and worldwide. In recent years the two have been invited to perform, create and teach in Japan, Bulgaria, Albania, Norway, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and more.


Created and performed by: Dror Lieberman
Artistic Director: Idit Herman
Concept development partner: Neta Weizer
Choreographic consulting: Asher Ben Shalom Rehearsal management: Kazuyo Shionori
Lighting design: Yoni Tal 
Production: CLIPA Theater, Suzanne Dellal Centre. 
Photo: Din Aharoni


The show was supported by The Council for Culture and Art.


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