Picture of Event: GIRLS by Roy Assaf

GIRLS by Roy Assaf

Dellal Hall
Thursday, May 23 2024 at 20:30
Event duration: 1 hour
Price 110 - 140 ILS

About the show

Overgeneralization is a human tendency, a tendency which lies at the core

 of Girls

Five women in red, on a narrow white floor, exposing themselves to stubborn cliches of femininity which

 appear at every turn. Voices go up to please, to protest, to pacify.  Gestures are minimal. Flirtatious, as if taken from the catalogue of male fantasy.

Although it might seem that the women are the ones in the spotlight, there

 is no mistaking the risk for all those who sit in the dark and observe. 

Five women are gathered here, engaged in a complicated dialogue with the expectations and demands of society sitting invisibly, mightily, inescapably upon all our shoulders.



“It is difficult to write about GIRLS. It resists dismantling like a live creature. In an almost miraculous manner, it succeeds in being a contradiction in terms. This is a formalistic work, to the bone, which does not have even a drop of rigidity or dryness. It is full of grace but also wisdom and depth; it is frivolous and objectifying yet at the same time also censorious and saturated with grief and pain.” 

The city of Joy ll The Blog 0f Marit ben Israel


By: Roy Assaf
Performers: Naomi Ben David, Ella Isman, Roni Milatin, Béatrice Larrivée, Roni Argaman 
Music editing & Arrangement: Reut Yehudai 
Music: Penny Serenade/Das Pfennig-lied (Melle Weersma)
End of the World (Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee)
Mambo No. 5 (Perez Prado)
La noche de los Mayas (Silvestre Revueltas, conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela)
You Are So Beautiful (Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Robert Hazard)
Abends in der kleine Bar (feat. Rudi Schuricke)
Rehearsal manager: Korina Fraiman

Artistic Advisors: Ariel Freedman 2013-2023 
Ronit Ziv as part of Curtain Up Festival 2013, Yair Vardi as part of  Intimadance 2014   



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