Picture of Event: Yael Schiller dance project  | SOFI

Yael Schiller dance project | Sofi

Dellal Hall
Friday, September 13 2024 at 14:30
Event duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Price 59 - 140 ILS

About the show


When our wings are cut, can we still fly?

A work created in the twilight zone where there are yes or no words. And yet there is a thirst and hypnotic moments of connection and containment. Like the moon, the circle fills up and empties each time, and this circle is repetitive. Human nature does not change, a ridiculous reality of delusions of grandeur and myths of heroism and memory, lament and ritual ceremonies, ecstasy and pleasure, fire and smoke transformations. This is the third creation by Yael Schiller (Lily, Gloria). Sophie embraces Lily and Gloria, who has found in them the creator (and dancer) wings wrapped around, sheltered and house.

70 minutes, 6 dancers.

Choreography: Yael Schiller
Dancers: Yael Schiller
David Parker
Ayala Magril
Naor Wolker
Sean zilbershtain

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