Picture of Event: Shishi be Ora • Maayan Cohen Marciano • Whom of a kind

Shishi be Ora • Maayan Cohen Marciano • Whom of a kind

Studio Ora
Thursday, June 27 2024 at 20:30
Event duration: 50 minutes
Price 45 - 75 ILS

About the show

Whom of a kind

The work was first presented in 2022.

The performance includes full nudity

Maayan Cohen Marciano, is an independent dancer, choreographer and a leading agent in the current ‘new wave’ of dance and art in Israel. Maayan uses liberty and artistic courage in order to create new aesthetics based on deep research and a careful listening during the process. Maayan’s works span across the axis between body art and the plastic arts, and the material serving as the foundation of her choreographic work is the nude body. Her works develop an embodied discursive sphere in which she relates to the body captured in the traditions of plastic arts and photography, while the living body dissects them, reacts to them, and conceptualizes its present position to the tradition that shapes it. Maayan holds a BA in movement and choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Additionally, she pursued Master's studies in the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts at Tel Aviv University. Maayan has presented her work in varied festivals, museums, and galleries such as Diver Festival, Intimadance and A-Genre Festivals, CCA, Tmuna Theatre, Habait theatre, Kelim Choreography Center, Hangar Adama, International Exposure, Heaven and Earth Festival, OYM festival, (Eindhoven Holland), Bible Lands Museum The unique pasaz exhibition (TLV) inspired by Walter Benjamin work. Maayan has been selected to participate with a full scholarship in the BIDE events Barcelona. 

Choreography: Maayan Cohen Marciano 
Dancers and Creators: Nadi Yoel, Ouri Perez 
Original Cast: Nir Vidan, Nadi Yoel
Dramaturge within Shishi Be Ora program: Ari Teperberg
Photo: Tamar Lamm


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