Picture of Event: Sharona Floresheim - Noa's Secret of Infinity

Sharona Floresheim - Noa's Secret of Infinity

Dellal Hall
Saturday, July 6 2024 at 11:30
Event duration: 1 hour
Price 60 - 85 ILS

About the show

Noa's Secret of Infinity is a children’s dance-theatre performance revealing the surprising and fascinating world of modern physics. Concepts such as the Big Bang, quantum particles, infinity and more are brought to life on stage through movement, music and text. Children and parents are invited to join the particles’ wondrous game and discover, together with Noa, the secret of infinite possibilities.

Sharona Florsheim is a choreographer, artistic director and cultural producer based in Israel. In her choreographic work Florsheim brings together complex structures of improvisation and set material, creating a unique and poignant style of work. Florsheim undermines existing power structures while exploring human expressions of freedom, presence and instant decision making. She emphasizes the relationships formed in real time between space, performers, and audience creating immersive and inclusive dance performances and events. To date Sharona has created five evening-length performances and her work has been presented in Europe, Africa and regularly performed in Israel. Her recent works, created for stage and public spaces, include: Crinolines (2021), The One Hand Sound (2017), Fragile Formation (2016), Connectivity Practices (2014), The Big Game (2012) and many more.

Choreographer and artistic director: Sharona Florsheim
Text: Irit Loz
Original music: Ilan Green
Dancers: Nitay Yoren, Nitzan Lederman/Or Avishay, Efrat Levy, Chihiro Tazuro, Maayan Horesh
Costume design: Yael Berkovich
Lighting design: Adi Shimroni
Microscope design: Nava Shtar
Scientific advice: Prof. Dan Maoz

The show was created as part of the "Afim" project initiated and supported by the Council for the Israeli Culture and Art counsel



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