Dellal Hall
Tuesday, July 23 2024 at 20:30
Event duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Price 129 - 159 ILS

About the show

A journey back to ourselves Artistic management: Keren and Avner Pesach

70 minutes of energetic flamenco with 14 artists on stage (dancers and musicians), with the participation of the multidisciplinary dancer and artist Dega Feder, director of the Beta band.

Now, more than ever, something calls us to gather ourselves back and there is nothing that can do it better for us, like our body and its multitude of sensations... The new work "DARABAR" - "Darbar" ("praise" in the gypsy language) was created to give us a "push forward", to encourage us to move more...

The new show, rich in new music and meticulous modern arrangements. It invites connection from a more internal place, through passion and rhythm, a place of a new dream, with a different quality, a quality of daring, of an authentic movement of power. "And when the beat lights up, there is and will awaken in us perhaps the longing for more... perhaps even for a joyful moment of playfulness, the same playfulness that once lived in us and disappeared..." (Karen and Avner Pesach)

Choreography and artistic management: keren end avner pesach
Guest Dancer: Dega Feder
Dancers: Keren Pesach, Noy Lachman, Keren Shnor, Rand Neger, Gaia Lieberman
Vocals: Yael Horvitz, Shuki Schwicki
Guitar: Ili Borla
Bass Flamenco: Eran Horvitz
Percussion: Yuval Kaufman
Keyboards and vocals: Avner Pesach
Wind instruments: Marcelo Zuber
Musical management: Avner Pesach and Eli Borla
Lighting design: Danny Fishoff
Show management: Karin Lederman
Costume design: LA FARRUCA Photo
credit: Escaf Avraham



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