Picture of Event: Ori Lenkinski | a dance piece

Ori Lenkinski | a dance piece

Studio Ora
Wednesday, June 19 2024 at 20:00
Event duration: 45 minutes
Price 75 ILS

About the show

My first love wasn’t a person, it was dance. It has been a long relationship with plenty of ups and downs.
In this work I explore if the love is still alive and what it feels like today.

Ori Lenkinski is a Tel Aviv-based dancer, actress, choreographer and journalist. Her work, be it on stage, the Internet or on paper, is devoted to exploring the connection between words and movement. As a dancer, Ori has worked with independent choreographers in the USA, Europe and Israel. Her works include The Painting, Portrait #2, The Suit, Meet Me in the Market, Help Desk, Birth Preparation Course and a dance piece as well as the dance films Carriage and Expecting. Ori’s works have been presented throughout Israel, North America and Europe.

Choreography, Text and Performance: Ori Lenkinski
Artistic Advisor: Rachel Erdos
Outside Eyes: Anat Cederbaum, Renana Raz, Jean Gaudin, Shahar Shpalter 
Music: Anne Muller, Brad Oberhofer, Sinead O Brien
Premiere: Machol Shalem Festival, March 2024

This piece was developed in the Between the Seas Residency in Monemvasia, Greece, S.ES.TA Choreography Centre in Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic, Dance Complex in Cambridge, USA and Menashe Dance House Residency Program in Ein Shemer, Israel. The creation received support from the Rabinovich Foundation, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Choreographers’ Association.


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