Picture of Event: Neta Pulvermacher | The Archive/The Jews Are To Blame for Everything

Neta Pulvermacher | The Archive/The Jews Are To Blame for Everything

Studio Ora
Saturday, July 27 2024 at 18:00
Event duration: 55 minutes
Price 70 ILS

About the show

They are not here,
And they are not coming
There is nothing here…
There is nothing here for you
It’s just this room and you and me.

When the last person who remembers is gone, whole worlds disappear forever. In her new tour-de force solo show, the Israeli artist, writer, choreographer and performer Neta Pulvermacher explores her German-Jewish family history. Constructing a post-memory performative journey. Her work, "The Archive/The Jews Are to Blame For Everything", follows the traces to Frankfurt - once her family’s home. She conjures up fragmented narratives, voices and characters that emerge briefly, only to fade away - like memory itself. For a moment, this pursuit of traces become a living archive where documents and “exhibits” are shared and explored. Especially in these times of crisis, the question of memory and its significance for understanding our world(s) takes on a new relevance and urgency.

Neta Pulvermacher – Choreographer, dancer, interdisciplinary artist and Professor of Dance Born and raised in Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan in Northern Israel. She studies dance with Ariella Peled in Tel Hai and danced with the Rina Schenfeld Dance Theater in Tel Aviv. She moved to NYC in 1982 to study dance at the Juilliard School. She directed her NYC based modern dance company, The Neta Dance Company for 25 years and created over 95 original works for her company and other companies, schools and programs in the USA and the world. Her works are commissioned and presented by festivals throughout the USA and the world. She returned to Israel after 31 years, when she was invited to become the Dean of Dance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She received numerous awards for her work among them a special recognition from The White House (2006), and a special award from Bessie Schonberg in 1995. A Bogliasco Foundation fellowship brought her to Italy in January of 2023 and In March 2024 she was invited to perform The Archive/The Jews are to Blame for Everything in Frankfurt.

For more information about Neta’s work please visit: www.netapulvermacher.org

The Archive/The Jews are to Blame for Everything
Choreography, Concept, Writing and Direction, Sound Design: Neta Pulvermacher
Performed by: Neta Pulvermacher
Dramaturgy: Tali Kark and Anat Danieli
Stage Manager: Bar Altras
Production: Tali konigsberg

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