Picture of Event: Maslool School Of Contemporary Dance - Bikurey Ha'Itim | 'Summer 24' - Israeli and International Repertoire

Maslool School Of Contemporary Dance - Bikurey Ha'Itim | 'Summer 24' - Israeli and International Repertoire

Dellal Hall
Monday, June 24 2024 at 21:00
Event duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Price 70 ILS

About the show

Maslool Dance Program is delighted to present 'Summer Shows 24', highlighting a rich array of Israeli and international repertoire including the Israeli premiere of Mats Ek's 'Bolero', restaged by Rafi Saadi, and an original work by Michael Getman. Alongside, excerpts from the works of Roy Assaf, Sharon Eyal restaged by Keren Luria Pardes, Eyal Dadon restaged by Ori Ofri, and Amanda Miller restaged by Michael Getman.

The Maslool School of Contemporary Dance is a professional education program in Tel Aviv, 'Bikurey Haitim'. The Maslool collaborates with well known dance companies and institutes worldwide. It has over 40 performances a year, including an international repertoire and original Israeli creations. Maslool Graduates are members of various leading dance companies and successful independent choreographers.

Artistic Directors: Offir Peter Dagan, Niv Marinberg
Director of Bikurey H'aitim Arts Center: Laure Dellion Paz
Administrative Manager: Noa Fidler
Producer: Mai Caspi Office
Manager: Eli Carmona
Rehearsal Managers: Shira Ben Uriel, Marija Slavec Neeman
Maslool Teachers: Rosaline Kassel, Patricia Aharoni, Bernd Burgmaier, Claudine Crosta, Naomi Perlov, Noam Carmeli, Yael Venezia, Brigitte Young, Ilana Khalif, Sara Grenga, Michal Hasson Bardes
Accompanists and Percussionists: Shoshana Band, Dmitry Presman, Roni Ben Ezra
Performance Manager: Shully Tseiger
Light Design: Baruchi Shpigelman
Styling: Rona Mishol

Bikurey Ha'Itim Team
Director of Culture and Community: Ruty Be’erly
Director of Theater and Community: Roni Goldfine
Dance Department headed Nina Gershman Secretariat of Bikurey Ha’Itim: Tsippi Biran, Ariella Azoulay, Karin Bachar
Housekeepers: Yossi Alaloff, Moshe Ashkenazi, Ludmila Frudnikov

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