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DUO - A Global Premiere by Amir Kolben and Noa Zuk Kolben

Dance Company proudly presents DUO, a profound choreographic event featuring two new works by leading contemporary dance creators Amir Kolben and Noa Zuk. This special evening offers audiences a deep dive into our perceptions of reality and human experience.

Edi, by Amir Kolben, the company’s artistic director, challenges us to examine how we perceive and interact with the world. Through expressive choreography, it confronts our societal and personal blind spots, cautioning against the dangers of unexamined lives.

Casting by Noa Zuk delves into the intricate dynamics between form and emotion. It combines a philosophical choreographic approach with a dialogue between body and soul. Zuk's piece explores themes of desire, passion, and the interplay between physical movements and rhythmic sounds, creating a visible energy that transcends traditional auditory experiences.

The DUO evening is an invitation to reevaluate and deepen our understanding of familiar perspectives, encouraging a bold reengagement with the ways we comprehend the world around us.

Amir Kolben, founder and artistic director of Kolben Dance Company, is a central figure in the world of contemporary dance. A graduate of the Batsheva Dance Company with extensive experience on international stages, he integrates deep choreographic philosophy with artistic innovation and is known for his complex and thought-provoking work.

Noa Zuk, a choreographer and dancer, also a graduate of Batsheva Dance Company, began her international career as a creator in 2009. Her works are showcased worldwide. In collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Ehud Fishof, she creates works for both stage and video. Zuk teaches and leads international dance workshops and has received numerous awards for her contributions to the dance world.

Edi Choreography: Amir Kolben
Casting Choreography: Noa Zuk
Costume Design for Edi: Adi Yair
Costume Design for Casting: Hani Sirkis
Lighting Design: Uri Morag
Music for Edi: Collage
Music for Casting: Ohad Fishof
Choreographic assistant for the creation Edi: Sonia Zawelska
Dancers/Collaborators for the pieces: Tzvika Iskias, Joshua Ray Sutton, Idan Kogan, Vibor Dev, Mor Birger, Sharon Cohen, Sonia Zwolska, Tamar Yaron, Mor Puterman, Atalya Ben Dov
Photography: Yadin Miller

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