Picture of Event: Jerusalem Ballet | HOUDINI

Jerusalem Ballet | HOUDINI

Dellal Hall
Tuesday, June 18 2024 at 20:30
Event duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Price 119 - 159 ILS

About the show

The ballet explores the persona of Erich Weisz, American escape artist, illusionist and stunt performer, better known as Harry Houdini. In His daring acts, Houdini drew thousands to watch in awe, as he challenged himself and the laws of nature time and time again. What was it that drew Houdini to risk his life, time and time again? Binding, locking and tying himself again and again, challenging himself to break free.

What was he really trying to break free from?

Choreography: N.Timofeyeva
Performers: Jerusalem ballet Company
Music: R.Shtrauss, F.Grofe, M.Ravel, B.Yusupov
Lighting Design:M.Makarenko
Stage Design: I.Polonski
Costume Design: P.Teneta

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