Picture of Event: JDT Company | The Great Deep

JDT Company | The Great Deep

Dellal Hall
Sunday, June 30 2024 at 20:00
Event duration: 50 minutes
Price 85 - 110 ILS

About the show

“The Great Deep" is a work dealing with dual aspects of the concept of the “abyss”. It draws its inspiration from the Iridosophical® Worldview, which sees the Biblical flood story as an analogy to our present lived experience, in the sense both of the extinction of the old and the creation of the new.

According to this concept, humanity then and now is going through a high cosmic transformation towards purity. Every "ego" tower that man has built, every solid opinion he has invented with the aim of "protecting" himself: every one collapses so that man is mainly concerned with repairing close relationships, Nurturing children, values, and morals.

"There will be no more flood to destroy the land" (Genesis 11): God gives his promise to the descendants of Noah, therefore the reduction of humanity in our time takes a different guise; humanity finds it difficult to give birth to the divine souls naturally and remains helpless in the face of natural disasters, socioeconomic catastrophe, epidemics, and the wars that claim millions of victims every year.

In order to avoid the "human prison" in various forms, images and illusions, the enlightened person transforms the vast abyss into a lifegiving source. through solitude, listening, and forming an attachment to inner truth. He sheds his boastful and deceptive outer garments, standing humbly before the naked truth of subsequent understanding. Human beings can love him more or less but cannot judge him. He is true to himself and like the flame of a candle of the soul. By thus correcting himself man contributes to the balance of the whole.

Hanoch Ben Dror

Choreography : Hanoch Ben Dror
Dancers : Dina Giber , Yossi Zarfaty , Inbar Tanzer , Viola Gasparotti , Laura Walravens
Piano Duo : Tami Kanazawa and Yuval Admony
Producer and Rehearsal Director : Eliah Attias
Music : J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations - opening Aria Prelude and fugue 853 ( two piano arrangement : Peter Besseling ) Fugue 867 (two piano arrangement : Peter Besseling) Arvo Pärt : (1976 ) Für Alina

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