Picture of Event: COMPAS Dance Company | Baalot | Premiere

COMPAS Dance Company | Baalot

Dellal Hall
Monday, July 29 2024 at 21:00
Event duration: 1 hour
Price 130 - 160 ILS

About the show

The new show of COMPAS brings to the stage the Canaanite spirit that blows from the stories of the local goddesses, who were a significant part of the pantheon of gods from which the Hebrew Bible drew considerable inspiration. The show will connect the ancient history of the Land of Israel with the flamenco culture, which many of its people see It has religion for everything.

The flamenco, which originated in Spanish-Gypsy folklore, was a component of worship ceremonies that included gatherings in small and crowded spaces, singing and playing, prayer and dancing. Over the years, flamenco has developed into a language that is understood and known only to those who practice it, as a kind of secret religion.

To the contemporary hymns written by Assi Meshulam and composed by Talia Yona Kaliger, the choreographer of Mijal Natan, who connects the various flamenco rhythms to the archetypal meanings of the songs, and turns the project into a meaningful and allegorical work for these days.

Artistic director and choreography: Mijal Natan
Texts for the hymns: Asi Meshulam
Composer: Talia Yona Kaliger
Singers: Yael Horvitz and Talia Yona Kaliger
Dance: The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company
Lighting design: Yaakob Barersi
Costumes: Veronica Shore
Show management: Orna Gretz

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