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Bangora | Kito the Drummer

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Kito the Drummer
By Rachel Bengura

A moving dance piece for the whole family, telling the story of a young child with a big dream - to become a drummer. Despite his family's lack of understanding and support for his dream, he remains focused on his goal and invests all his efforts to achieve the coveted drummer status. Along the way, he encounters the elder chief of the tribe, who recognizes his abilities and passion, and helps him progress in the field. The dance piece reflects the courage and perseverance required to fulfill a dream.

The story unfolds before the audience through a contemporary African-inspired dance set to the lively rhythms of authentic West African drums, with a modern interpretation by Saboula Bangoura, a West African master, and melodic songs accompanied by flute and kora (a 22-string West African harp). The creation unfold the creativity and artistic colors of West Africa.

The Bangoura ensemble presents the true story of the master band leader, Saboula Bangoura, in celebration of 20 years of African dance in Israel.

Choreography: Rachel Bangoura
Musicians: Saboula & Rachel Bangoura, Shiran Agison, Itamar Aharoni, Shachah Loichter
Dancers: Michal Israelstam, Youval Razon, Li Or, Shir Amsalem.
Music; Saboula Bangoura
Lighting design: Gidi Levin
Costume design; Rachel Bangoura

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