Picture of Event: 1I2I3 program for emerging choreographers • Open rehearsal

1I2I3 program for emerging choreographers • Open rehearsal

Studio Zehava & Jack
Friday, July 12 2024 at 12:00
Event duration: 1 hour
Price 15 - 30 ILS

About the show

Open rehearsal with the participation of the creators of the Suzanne Dellal Centre's 1|2|3 program for emerging choreographers, under the direction of Naomi Perlov, artistic director of the Suzanne Dellal Centre.


The "1|2|3 platform for emerging choreographers" at the Suzanne Dellal Centre is an annual choreographic development program designed for new Israeli choreographers. This one-year program comprises three distinct phases: Solo, Duet, and Trio.

In the Solo phase, each choreographer is tasked with creating a 5-minute solo piece. Following this, in the Duet phase, the challenge extends to crafting a 10-minute duet, and finally, in the Trio phase, choreographers are required to produce a 15-minute trio performance.

Initially, 10 choreographers are selected to embark on the program. As it progresses, the number of participating choreographers decreases, with 6 advancing to the Duet phase and a final 3 proceeding to the Trio phase. Every phase culminates in a public performance, and professional opportunities are given to the selected outstanding artists. Among the numerous professional opportunities offered are international residency programs, participation in exchange initiatives, opportunities to create for dance schools and young companies, complimentary access to professional dance classes, and more.

The 1|2|3 platform serves as an incubator for the next generation of Israeli choreographers, fostering new voices that reflect the multifaceted Israeli landscape and identity. It guides participants through their artistic journey, providing them with the necessary time and space to develop choreographic techniques, refine their artistic voice, and explore their creative tendencies. Moreover, the platform provides educational and professional resources. Participants engage in master classes and receive intensive mentoring from both international and local choreographers, as well as artists from diverse disciplines such as music, architecture, cinema, and visual arts. It encourages collaboration and exchange, creating a supportive environment for learning and developing new perspectives within the local dance field.

Over the past three years, including the current edition, the 1|2|3 platform has supported 30 emerging Israeli choreographers.



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